Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Newest Collection: Inuit Art

'Avataq Spirit' by Ningeokeluk TeeVee, in Cape Dorset, NU 
Ok.. Well this is one of those collections that i wouldn’t call ‘kitschy’.  Although some may consider it rather primitive.  That would be Inuit Art.  Prints and carvings, created by Inuit artists from Cape Dorset, Holman, Pangnirtung, etc in Nunavut and NWT, Canada.

This is one of the prints i've gotten (well.. i planned to but ended up not) during my year-long stay in the Arctic.  So simple and child-like, yet i adore it!  Squeeeee!  I LOOOVE Inuit Art!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dawn Frasier - Artist - New FABRIC line!!

OH, the vintage-style fabrics she is going to be making! They are drop-dead gorgeous!! Dawn Frasier is an artist from here on the Left Coast, who specializes in Tiki & Mid-Century Modern. She's starting a line of FABRICS... just GORGEOUS! She's got 120 posted in this album so far! It makes me want to SEW! Can you believe it?? Or at least pay someone to sew things FOR me... hehe. :-D Take a LOOK!

If you're a member of facebook, her album with a good 120 or so new fabrics is HERE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book... 'Modern Vixens' from Octavio "Winkytiki" Arizala

OH, if this picture is ANYthing like the rest of the pictures in this book, then i'm in love! What a great, kitschy pic! Gotta love a space-retro pinup! :-)

Snip from an editorial review: "[T]his is dirty/beautiful at its very best, kitschy Hawaiian sets, vintage decor and everything from Barbarella to 50s Housewife imagined in bright, wicked colours. Winkytiki's images are serene, spectacular, dripping with ultra-Kodachrome saturations and demure smiles."

The info is from

Artist - Derek Yaniger.... Kitschy Cool!

I came across a very cute picture tonight. "Kitschy Kitschy Cool" was the logo for kitschy kitschy It HAS to be by Derek! I wonder if it was designed specifically for that website? SO CUTE! If not, it's a direct copy of his style!

The picture below is called "Bottoms Up" and i own one of these limited edition prints! I love Derek! :-D
What's fun about Derek, is that he always talks like a "hep cat"... in the coolest of beatnik lingo... Hilarious!

Did i say i love Derek! :-D Hehe.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Classic Diecast Cars

I love Classic Cars. I (try to) only collect 1957 models, because i was born in that year...

1:18 Scale Classic Diecast Car collection - 1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner. It actually has a working retractable hard top! Crazy man!


Confessions of a Tikiphile. I love kitsch (obviously), and what says 'kitsch' better than Hawaiiana? Tiki Bars with flickering Tiki torches & colourful fairy lights... Tiki Gods, Tiki mugs and Dashboard Hula Dolls... Coconut Monkeys and Monkeys with fez's with dried blowfish and fish nets hanging from the ceiling. And Mai Tais! Oh yes, the Zombies, Blue Hawaiians & Mai Tais! :-)

Well, here are just a couple of things from my Hawaiiana Collection...!

The Coconut Monkey above, is actually a mug with a lid!

A Tiki God................... and my first Tiki mug!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I am a Kitsch & Kollecting Kween!... And here are my Liddle Kiddles!

I really am a collector at heart. Just look at my house... you have to push your way through piles of stuff to go anywhere! I should be on that show 'Hoarders'! Lol... i jest... i'm not THAT bad.
But sometimes it feels like it! I really would LOVE to scale down & simplify my life. But just HOW do i do that, when i love, love, LOVE all my collections??

It's late right now, but i just wanted to get a first post in, with a couple of pics of (a couple of) my Liddle Kiddle Collection... . Man i loved these dolls when i was a kid in the 60's! ... I still do! I've been known to wear a Liddle Kiddle ring or necklace out to a party...